October 17, 2005

Appendix E

Purchase Power

No. Copies Required,
Including Original
The original and twelve (12) copies of the report, as required in RP 25, shall be filed with the Commission, which report shall include the following information:
13 1. The name and address of the seller(s).
13 2. The identity of the generating unit(s) out of which the capacity will be delivered, if a specific unit is designated.
13 3. The terms and conditions of the purchase.
13 4. The portions of the purchase cost which shall be designated as capacity related and energy related.
13 5. A statement with supporting documentation as to why the purchase is in the best interest of the utility and its retail customers.
13 6. The rate of return sought.
13 7. An effective date, not less than thirty (30) days after the date that the utility files its report.

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